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How Your Donation Is Used

At Endangered Species International your precious donation is working in the most effective way possible on the ground. Neither time nor money is wasted, and you can be proud that your donation is making a difference by saving endangered species and their habitats.

  • No matter the size, your donation goes directly to field projects and avoids heavy and unnecessary administrative costs.

  • Your donation goes into conservation projects and programs with clear and achievable objectives with quantitative assessment. Check our unique strategy or our current projects.

  • Your contribution is used in the most cost-effective manner to multiply conservation impacts on the ground wherever possible.

  • Your donation allows us to commit resources and teams to innovative projects to improve the situation of the endangered species we aid with passion.

  • Your donation enables ESI to significantly expand funding for programs in the field: reaching more endangered species and their natural habitat in need, responding more quickly to emergencies, broadening the range of actions we provide, and improving the quality of our interventions.

  • We keep overhead and administration costs minimal.

  • When in the field, our staff travels in economy class and budget hotels, no wasting money!

  • No matter where we are in field, we use solar energy to generate our own potable free electricity while saving endangered species. Learn more about our environmental commitment.

  • When field equipment is not donated, then we purchase them at an aggressive discount when possible.

  • You will be always informed of our current and future project activities and how your donation is helping us in forging successful results through our mailings or website updates.

  • We have won a 2012 and 2013 Top-Rated Award from GreatNonprofits demonstrating in part excellent use of our resources.

  • We have reached the Gold participation level through the GuideStar Exchange. This is a strong testament to our organizationís commitment to transparency.


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