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Our Profile

We are addressing the real and urgent species extinction needs

More than 16,000 species are threatened to become extinct in the near future. We focus on species that have the biggest chance to become extinct including those that do not attract the media attention. Their ecosystems as a whole are a crucial component of our conservation strategy. We also work hard on saving endangered species found in various types of habitat and serving as protecting umbrella to other endangered species.

We develop and implement innovative approaches

We develop cutting-edge conservation science, implement this research in field projects around the world, and then link both research and results to local, national, and global policy by convening dialogues between governments, civil society and the private sector.

We are a unique team of local and international scientists and conservation leaders

Our staff is interdisciplinary ranging from endangered species experts, scientists, conservation awareness and communication leaders. Our staff has a strong local and international experience. We favour the emergence of young endangered species and conservation leaders around the world and integrate them in our projects.

Our project designs meet the highest quality standards

Our projects are aimed at solving clear and urgent problems by sound and sensible and applicable methods. Our projects are also designed to spend almost every dollar in the field to bring concrete results. Our administrative tasks are kept efficient, simple, and direct. All aspects of our scientific and technical projects include training from its initial to terminal phases to encourage personal, team, and local people career enrichment. Our plans are in accordance to conventional global and local norms regarding biodiversity management. The design of our research and conservation activities fully incorporates indigenous and local people.

Our projects have high probabilities for success and high value for money

All our projects demonstrate a high chance of success in relation to the scale of the problem being tackled and the level of resources being used. We do not pursue a project if does not meet our success strategy. All our projects are assessed to ensure positive long term impact on endangered species and local communities.

Project application and economic Value

Costly high-tech solutions to widespread problems are less applicable than cheap solutions since many countries of the region are economically unable to afford expensive solutions. Projects aimed at finding cheap and technically simple solutions to major problems will be favoured.

Our social dimension

One of the objectives of our activities is to favour a positive social dimension. We closely work with indigenous people and pursue actions that integrate and benefit them.

Our environmental dimension

We understand that species conservation is related to many social and environmental issues. All our actions have minimal impact to the environment. For example, our paper comes from 100 percent recycled material using sag based ink. We minimize the use of paper to the obsolete necessity and therefore reduce cutting down trees and global warming. We favor any correspondence and donation via emails when possible. All our projects and programs encourage daily and long term positive environmental actions at all levels. To learn more about our environmental commitment click here.

We develop continuously new alliances across all sectors of society

To fight the rapid trend of species extinction, we continuously involve local people, and strengthen our commitment to them. We vigorously engage the private sectors in our conservation activities and encourage them to conduct beneficial business for the planet. We are working effectively with governments on local, regional and national levels.

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