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Photograph Credits and Acknowledgments

We would like to thank the generosity of the following individuals or organizations for the use of the photographs to our website. If for some reason a credit has been omitted from this list, please email us at info@endangeredspeciesinternational.org

  • H. Vannoy Davis @ California Academy of Sciences for the use of the Pygmy Chimpanzee (Pan paniscus) (top fourth photo).

  • Dr. Paddy Ryan for the use of the Indo-chinese Tiger (Panthera tigris corbetti) on the News Page and other photos found on our website.

  • Andreas Rytz @ Endangered Species International for the use of the photos on the following pages: Contributors, Donations, Environmental Communications Development, How To Reach Us, Link To US, Our Profile, Our Unique Strategy, Philippine Forest Turtle Project, Photocredits, Shop Online.

  • Alex Wild @ myrmecos.net for the use of the ant photo in the header image.

  • Jérôme Maran for the use of the Gabon viper (Bitis gabonica) and all of the photographs on the West African Turtle Gallery.

  • Chris Jordan for the photos used on the Plastics Kill page!

  • Pierre Fidenci @ Endangered Species International for the use of the rest of the photographs found in the website!

For more information on how to use our photos, please read site and image us!

Materials on this website are Copyright ©2011 by Endangered Species International, Inc. all rights reserved.
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